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Spend the winter in South-Eastern Spain

The Spanish coast is the ideal place to spend the winter, which is for several reasons.

Firstly, the Costa Calida has an average annual temperature of 18.6 ºC. Thanks to this great weather, you can enjoy the natural surroundings at any time of the year. From the beautiful beaches and impressive cliffs to the stunning scenery of the Sierra de Espuña, there are many significant natural areas near Mazarrón.

Or do you prefer cultural sites, because there are plenty of beautiful sights near Mazarrón. From the city of Murcia with its Moorish beginnings to the harbour city of Cartagena which was founded 3000 years ago, there are many culturally significant places around Mazarrón.

However, tapas restaurants should also not be forgotten when visiting Spain, of which there is one located in the country club itself.


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We offer the possibility to overwinter from October to March in one of our luxury villas. If you are interested, contact us and discuss which possibilities there are for you.

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