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Sierra de Espuña An impressive nature park

Nature lovers will not be disappointed. The Sierra de Espuña is a wooded area of natural scenic beauty. This mountain range near Murcia can be reached by three different routes; via Mula, via Totana and from Murcia following the E-15 via Alhama de Murcia. There are many walking routes winding through the whole area. These walking routes range from easy to difficult and include short and long walks.

A drive around the mountain range is also worthwhile. The views of the valleys around Murcia are breath-taking. The highest peak is 1583m high, and it can be very cold at the top in the spring and autumn. At the top, the “Pozos de la Nieve” can be found: snow-huts dating from the sixteenth century. A few of which are restored, the rest are ruins. In this nature reserve, the Barbary sheep roam. These sheep look like goats or ibex’s, and they were brought to this area from the Atlas Mountains in Africa. Furthermore, there are lots of squirrels, and the pools are full of frogs. There is also an impressive number of butterflies.

There are two restaurants in the sierra, and there is also a tapas restaurant located in the former monastery of Eulalia, which has a stunning garden surrounding it.